Trolls don't get punished

I 100% think there is a problem with banning only toxic players... That said I have no problem with toxic people being banned, the problem comes in that I get trolls in my games all the time that are griefing hard core. You create this competitive environment for LoL, but the players who compromise the competition never are punished including in ranked. Idk how you can create a system to stop trolls, but there has to be a way and till then I'm simply done playing this game I've been diamond with 70% win rates, so I'm not your average player.... I have been playing since 2010 with no real reason to keep playing but for the joy of playing (never playing with anyone else always a solo player). I have always been passionate about this game, but till change has been made this is my farewell...{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} please make change :( Upvote to bring change my friends
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