Impressed with the support I received

I actually had quite a positive experience with the support I received. My account is permanently banned due to the use of third party software. I can tell you it was not me and that it was my cousin when he got control of my account. Anyway, there is no proof that it was him and not me and it is my fault because the account security is in my hands. So, like most people, I filed a ticket seeing if anything can happen and was expecting it to be just automated messages and to take a long time. I was surprised that I got a message in less than a day and actually had a decent conversation with one of the player behavior employees. The messages were not automated and the employee was helpful. The reason I am posting this is because I only see negative comments about the staff on here so I thought I would post a good one. Needless to say I did not get my account back but I have definitely learned my lesson - keep your account secure. Edit: People are asking how my account was taken - when I left the room my cousin used a USB and put a keylogger on my computer. He also added it to the exclusions list on my antivirus. -Bubonica
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