Chat logs should include chat from ALL players. Context matters.

Seriously bullying is not ok, and expecting someone to keep their cool when their allies, their team, the people who are supposed to be working together with them to win the game, supporting each other, are starting crap and singling someone out is ridiculous. I was fine! I lost lane, I got outplayed, I joked a little about it with Yasuo even, because it was a nice play, and I knew I was screwed, I got it, I knew I had made a mistake it was obvious because I had been punished by the game giving him gold and me missing CS. I don't need to be talked down to and singled out repeatedly when people ask me why I did something and I answer them. The only reason I make any decision is because I think it's the right one, why else would I do it? What does saying things like "omg why did you do that you are so bad it hurts to watch" or "holy shit just don't play kat you need to uninstall the game" do to help my mental state? How is that supposed to keep me focused? When someone plays bad in games where I'm doing well, I say things like "it's ok just play safe we outscale" or "don't worry our top is fed swap lanes and farm up" I expect the same courtesy in return. Is that wrong? Should I not be allowed to expect that? Is that unreasonable? Is it bad for me to be angry at people who don't give me the same respect and patience that I give them when they screw up? It's a BETRAYAL of the unspoken code that should exist between allies, and they DESERVE to be called out for it because they are WRONG for doing it, but nobody is allowed to because the robot system sees a few "fuck"s and "screw you"s and ignores everything else because it's a machine that can't think. CONTEXT MATTERS. "Just mute?" I was taught that when someone starts harassing you and bullying you, you don't cower in fear, you don't go cry in the corner, you stand up to them, you get in their face and you tell them exactly why they are a piece of shit for being aggressive and inflammatory towards you when you haven't done anything to them in the first place except make a mistake in a video game when you are being matched with people 2-3 tiers above your ranked placement in a NORMAL game. Testing new builds is not ok with these people, testing new runes is not ok. Making mistakes is not ok. You must be perfect at all times and make perfect decisions or they attack you, and that is OK I guess. I guess that's in line with the summoner's code. If someone hits you for no reason, you hit them back twice as hard. You make them think twice about fucking with you again. People know they can piss someone off by flaming and ganging up on them, and they do it on purpose because they know the person will be punished. They are being cruel and manipulative, and they deserve to be called out on it. They deserve to be seen for what they do, and hiding it in chat logs is just wrong. I could post my last log, and there would be no context, right? It would just look like I'm being a complete asshole for no reason. You don't see the instigation that happens, the flame, the bullying, it's not right, it's not fair, and it's unjust. _**The current punishment system is a passive endorsement of cyberbullying by Riot Games in my eyes.**_

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