Possible ban mistake, and issue with ban ticket

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Just got wrongfully permabanned (permabanned with no warnings, no prior infractions, no chat mutes, etc. after getting frustrated with a cassio support -- told her she had dung for brains for playing cassio support, but nothing worse than that), and opened a ticket to talk to someone in support. Got the reply from the bot, as is standard with tickets about bans, but when I go to click request a human, it says "You have already completed this survey". Anybody run into this? I replied to the ticket and it seemed to reopen it, does that mean a person will look at it? Not sure how tickets for this kind of thing are handled. Also, how often is live chat a thing? Would be nice to just talk to someone and get this resolved, one way or another. Additionally, I'm assuming an instant permaban with no warnings or infractions is probably a mistake? I did have an old account from 3 years ago or so get permabanned on the same email, but my understanding is that infractions from old accounts don't carry over to new accounts under the same email. Linked the chatlogs for proof, before anyone brings that up. No, the account was not bought or botted. Yes, this is the first sign of any infraction on the account. Hopefully this is the right board to post this in -- don't post here too often, and not too familiar with the formatting here. EDIT: Should add that while I said "I'm done", I did keep playing -- I was just intensely frustrated with a support cassio and feeding Kha jungle. We did lose that game -- there was really nothing I could do to win the game at that point.
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