PSA for 3-4 man premade teams:

**The random(s) on your team are _not_ your enemy. Them telling you what play they think you should make is not a physical attack on your person, nor is it implying that you are incapable of higher brain function. It is simply trying to coordinate in a team-based game. This does not mean that you have to team up against the random(s) in question and try to spin a tale of woe and debauchery to the enemy team, falsifying information to make said player lie in a negative light. We're all here to play the game. We're all trying to win. Sometimes, you DON'T know what the best play is, so at least take into consideration the other players on your team, as they might have come up with a plan that you had overlooked. Do not always assume you are right 100% of the time with no room for suggestions.** On a semi-related note, if your jungler ganks for you 3 times, getting you a kill each of those times, and you somehow manage to lose your lane (WITHOUT interference from the enemy jungler, mind you), you cannot blame your jungler. That's basically natural selection at that point.
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