In a Weird Way, I Think League's Made Me a Better Person

That's a hell of a statement, isn't it? But I believe it's true. Now, let's start at the beginning. About a year ago I had checked myself into a psych ward, as my mental health had hit a horrible state. I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. When I came home from there, I thought I'd have to quit League. I thought it was taking too much of a toll on my mental health and that I couldn't play anymore, but I enjoyed the game too much to just outright leave so I instead tried playing differently. I changed my entire philosophy on the game. I forced myself to get better at ignoring the trolls and toxicity of the community. I instead focused more on the good. Congratulating teammates for good kills and saves, giving advice to players for champs they're trying to practice. Trying my best in every single game and being nicer not just to my teammates, but even the opposing team. I did this to improve my experience in the game, and it helped with my anxiety, but it doesn't stop there... More recently, without even noticing I was doing it, I've realized that I've been applying this philosophy to real life as well. Focusing on the good things, and ignoring the bad where I could. I've been feeling way better about myself, and I've been regaining lost friends that previously found me intolerable to be around. It feels so bizarre to say a game with a reputation like League's improved me as a person but... Focusing on the good in the game really did. Be nice to your teammates, and be nice to people in real life too. It costs nothing to be kind.

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