Ranked exam

Okay, how about if there was created a BRIEF EXAM of actually being able to enter the RANKED games system, because lately (about a year and half) I have been experiencing newbies and people misguiding themselves about ranked games about just a NORMAL GAME. However, my point is, that Ranked games have always been more valuable and well respected among LOL society, but with a new generation of players, the essence of is just fading away, thus, I would love to encourage anyone to save Ranked games in order to sustain competitive. In my opinion, when there should be some kind of brief tutorialistic exam about the Summoner's Rift on lvl 30 added. Majority of players do not even check the patches updates, do not learn about champs, do not care about the game at all. Tons of older players are simply giving up on the game and rather leave it to the younger generations. It would be really awesome if players started to care about the game again, not just going to play "some game." If so, DO NOT allow these players to enter the Ranked system, because it is just outragous to be constantly stressed out of being accused and flame others for their own lack of knowledge about the game. Thank you and would love to hear some proposals for changes, because the value of ranked is on a high decline, which is really frustrating, Shpeasyfella <3
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