RIOT Allowing Toxic Players to Grief. Positive Players Suspended.

Why I a quitting League of Legends forever. I've had enough with RIOT and how they deal with trolls and toxic players in game. This is what just happened to me and is from MY perspective. Loaded up into a game as support... I warded the enemy blue... Our jungler pinged and I stayed to help him take the enemy blue buff... We got ganked by 4 of them (it happens) and I went to lane with Varus... Our Jungler proceeded to swear at me in all cap "FUCKING LEASH ME MORG"..... Yes, I told him to fuck off. Followed up by explaining, if he asked politely, I would come help but if he is going to swear at me I will simply swear at him back.... I did not instigate this, in fact, I even helped him by trying to steal enemy blue and this still wasn't good enough... A few minutes later our ADC died and proceeded to blame me and rage (I lived so it must have been my fault), he also swore at me..... A few minutes later our mid laner dies and starts swearing at me for not giving an MIA ping. I advised her that an MIA ping as a courtesy and she should be watching the map.... Well, this launched our mid laner into a toxic rant against me for the next 5 minutes straight.... I even advised everyone that 3 people have been raging at me in game so far and I had not instigated any of those comments. I'm not going to lie, I went AFK. I am an adult and this is a game. I do not care to play with children who rage, swear and act toxic to their fellow players who are trying to help.... After a minute or two, I even offered to play the game as long as people were nice and simply did not swear at me.... Well, that lasted 5 seconds before our jungler decided to just act like a child and call me names immediately.... So, I did not play this game anymore. I FF and sat at the Nexus. I should not be forced to play with Jeuvenille children and it is my CHOICE to not play with them. 3 Players in this game provoked me, swore at me, blamed me and raged at me... 3 players were allowed to grief me... yet after game, they all reported me and riot has suspended my account..... If Riot actually read the chat logs and punished the correct people who INSTIGATE and provoke their team mates, maybe this game would be in a better state. Good luck Riot, you just lost a paying customer who has spend hundreds of dollars on this game and you have allowed 3 trolls to grief your paying players. Keep your Troll and trash players. I'm going to find another game. My chat logs are available for you to review. I even stated in game they could report me but the chat logs don't lie. I was sure riot would read them and clearly see exactly who the trolls and toxic players were.... I am blown away this is what happened and the nice player got punished. I'm sure the 3 toxic trolls all got a note letting them know their bullshit worked and their trolling behavior was rewarded with me being suspended! Good job Riot! You are actively promoting toxic play in game.

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