It not that hard to not get banned.

Why even chat? Just shut up and play. For real. It is not that hard. I have over 150 days of play time and i have never been banned. I only chat when necessary. "BARON NOW GOGOGOGOGOGOGO" "guys plz play and stop flaming :)" "ggwp" "gg" "glhf" "glhf JK ima stop your brains in" "go in right before i get there" whilst running down river or lane pinging "mb" *even if it was the other guys fault* "gj" "unlucky" *when a teammate barely doesnt get a kill or barely dies* "play safe" and that is pretty much it. EVER! There is no reason to just sit there and chat chat chat during or after the game. After game chat should be disabled i think. It's nothing but ugly banter or flame 95% of the time. "my team sucks" or "kys" JUST GO TO THE NEXT GAME! If you are tilted which you probably are just take a break or something.
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