Is there a dos and donts list

So I was in conversation with someone in game and we were talking about the things that are and are not reportable. He thought that a negative KDA was feeding and was reportable, but was suprised to find that it was not, and also that asking for reports WAS reportable as griefing. Now there are a million different little things that are and are not reportable and I was wondering if there was a sticky or thread that says things that are or are not, and if there is not, could we start one? I would really love to have a link I can give people that is nice and neat and says exactly how/what their thing is reportable for. Not nessisarly a big discussion on each, but like Intentional Feeding is reportable as Feeding/Griefing Having a bad game is not reportable Harassing someone with intent or malice is reportable "trash talk" is not reportable Inting means X Feeding means X These things are Zero Toleranc, X Y Z Just a big ol list that can be shown. Thoughts? {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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