I don't understand why Riot bans who they do...

I called a player a "r e t a r d" not helping the team. Which is probably toxic but honestly, It's how people communicate. It's not out of the realm of acceptable discourse in my opinion. Anyway, I was chat banned for it. This resulted in lots of confusion in the next 25 games I played. Many people on my team suffered because I couldn't communicate effectively. W/e.... that's the rules I guess. What bothers me is the fact that I report people CONSTANTLY for afk, for trolling, for following other people around and last hitting their cs, for poor communication, and griefing….Do these players get banned? I'm not sure. It SEEMS TO ME they don't.... Why? Why is some behavior causing bans while other, more toxic behavior, is ignored? Riot use to tell you when they punished someone who you reported, I'm not sure if they still do that. If they do, that would literally mean that not a single person I've reported for their trolling, afking, or griefing has been banned.... Seems to me that riot has lost the plot. They care more about someone calling another person a bad word in a fit of rage than actually punishing people who actively ruin the game for the other 4 people on the team. And to me, that's just sad and pathetic.
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