Board feedback: More options for contacting Riot regarding moderation/infractions

Can we please add more options for contacting. Currently the option is through submitting a ticket which barely cover anything. We should have other options. A button to submit a PM to actual red moderator A contact email for the third party moderation Other - this would have a box in which you can enter a specific reason not covered by other options. Get rid of the ticket system to contact the non 3rd party mods, or give them their own inbox/email, or at least implement a feature on board to send them a PM. If you're going to moderate the boards through a 3rd party and go full Blizzard or Chinese Mao Zedong moderation on the community then at least give the mods their own contact email so they can answer question they arent allowed to answer in public due to damage control, or implement a feature on boards that allow you to send them a pm. When moderation delete your thread/post, and issue out a ban, they're most likely not to give you a valid reason as to why your thread was removed and most of the time will give you a low effort confusing answer such as this: > While we do allow a number of topics that we can geek out about, there are some areas of discussion which are better left to other community platforms. So now in order to actually obtain a detailed answer as to what actually got your thread deleted so you wont repeat the same mistake again you now have the option to either expose your other smurf accounts, or if you dont want to then you can create a brand new account and grind it to level 5 where boards isn't even in sync with the servers so it might take more than a day afterward to be eligible to actually have the chance to post in Player Behavior & Moderation. Even after being baited to post in that section you will obtain a response such as this:[/img] Which in no way is anywhere near being professional because it leads to this loophole where you're ignored until someone from Riot's support will decide to close the ticket out of pure boredom because they cant answer the question, or no one from the right department is willing to do so in a timely manner.[/img][/img] The support will send your ticket to a player behavior specialist such as Keyru/WookieeCookie if you're lucky, and then you have the player behavior specialist who will send your ticket to a board specialist which is the boredom loophole that will eventually get your ticket closed until you give up. It makes absolutely no sense to hire a 3rd party moderation if they cant even give out the rule you broke and detail information as to why your content was removed, such as this:[/img] "The above is just an example taken from a different timeline." So far all they've done is confuse the community throughout the years, and give it a headache by being tools for real trolls who are actually trolling them by pretending to be community moderators on their smurfs when they report every thread they dont like. More options to contract Riot regarding moderation would greatly speed up the confusion and headaches that moderators are currently giving the community.
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