Can you ask Riot support what your current account reputation is ?

Hello, So I'm generally doing my best to stay cool in spite of all the toxic people I encounter in games, but every now and then, I get angry and flame back a little. So far I haven't received a punishment, or even any sign that any of the things I've said are punishable. However, I've seen that behind the scenes you actually get an "account reputation", so it's possible that I'm diminishing it without even knowing. Because the thing is, I try to stay civil, I don't use forbidden words, but I've heard that even being midly passive-aggressive can get you punished. So, I could directly ask support but since they're notoriously vague and unhelpful, I hoped I could get a clear answer here as to whether or not I have the right to at least know my account reputation, how many reports were made against them and how many were judged valid, what are the chatlogs associated to those "valid" reports, etc... ? And, if it's not possible, is there any way to know if your honor level progression is frozen ? It's already extremely slow so I can't judge whether it's normal or not (I'm currently sitting at honor lvl 2 checkpoint 1 after a bit more than a month of playing a lot), and I really wouldn't want it to be frozen. Thanks !
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