Can Riot please stop false reports

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I have recently played in a game. It happen to be a 4v4 (If you viewed the match history, the Xerath went afk) and the 3 other people on my team were all in a trio. I was urging them to group, and they were calling me a r%%%%%. All the sudden, one of them spits out on all chat that I was spamming the N word. I can say that my parents were good at teaching me not to say the n word. My teammates started saying it for no reason. I wanted to somehow prove that I wasn't saying it in team chat. All the people in the trio started backing each other up. I have been accused of saying the N word in all chat, and seen other people falsely accuse someone of it too. However, I've never seen people on a team backup each other just because they were in a duo, trio, or 4 man. Without recording the game, is there anyway to see the team chat logs after the game? I have spent 1590 hours playing league and I hope not be banned because of something I didn't do. Riot, if there is any way to somehow see the chat, I would love to know. - Best of luck TheAppleTree25 NA servers
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