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So I constantly run across a lot of super toxic players that just bring up a lot of stupidity, and having said that I can be toxic sometimes myself. My recent solution is just turning off chat in-game and leaving pings open, but post-game they are usually rage-filled teens so..... Yeah. The dude paid for a fresh account, presumably because he'd been banned before, and it would be much easier to just motivation mute these kinds of folks! Win/win, players can be as toxic as they want, and people can motivation mute them and report em after! NEW ACC'S Serious request for this one, can we make it so that accounts with less than 200 normal games can't place above gold 1? Constantly running across paid accounts that have trash/generic names and the people running them usually are super toxic because they just throw them away, I don't really mind climbing and I'm not afraid to demote, but I'm very tired of dealing with people who flame main accounts because I have tons of games when they just throw theirs away when they demote to a diff rank and have nothing going for them. Ranked is super toxic atm and I wanted to try and help out the overall community with this suggestion! Thanks for your time guys, sorry if these aren't good ideas or if I did this innappropriately. Edit1: Removed a picture that had names in it of players who had games associated with people who are being extremely toxic. If any riot mods want them I can always email em/place em through support!

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