Permanently Banned for 1 game, 0 previous punishments, light flame.

Game 1 Pre-Game KOREAPROUD: broken KOREAPROUD: It's counterplayable KOREAPROUD: range KOREAPROUD: range KOREAPROUD: you have to disengage on her ult In-Game KOREAPROUD: I'm likely underage KOREAPROUD: touch me daddy KOREAPROUD: uwu KOREAPROUD: touch me first daaddy KOREAPROUD: nice KOREAPROUD: thresh runs away from me when he has flash and I don't KOREAPROUD: sick call KOREAPROUD: but hey KOREAPROUD: we won lane KOREAPROUD: cause the supports alive KOREAPROUD: gg KOREAPROUD: thank god the thresh hits his q's too KOREAPROUD: stop KOREAPROUD: aa KOREAPROUD: minions KOREAPROUD: stop KOREAPROUD: stop KOREAPROUD: tell thresh if he autos minions anymore im afk KOREAPROUD: nice q! KOREAPROUD: ff 1 KOREAPROUD: 15 KOREAPROUD: open bot KOREAPROUD: not laning with this first time threhs KOREAPROUD: yep KOREAPROUD: going bot again KOREAPROUD: ziggs your up KOREAPROUD: mid KOREAPROUD: ziggs and thresh i solo lane KOREAPROUD: sylas face me KOREAPROUD: uesless sup KOREAPROUD: like normal KOREAPROUD: imagine being m7 on a champ and still being dog with them KOREAPROUD: xD KOREAPROUD: yikes KOREAPROUD: 6 deaths KOREAPROUD: xd KOREAPROUD: xd KOREAPROUD: xd KOREAPROUD: afk KOREAPROUD: enjoy the game KOREAPROUD: later KOREAPROUD: you stole my gromop KOREAPROUD: your the worst support ever KOREAPROUD: xD KOREAPROUD: too bad KOREAPROUD: thresh is a %%%% KOREAPROUD: 6 deaths KOREAPROUD: 67 cs? KOREAPROUD: no shit KOREAPROUD: you just took shit KOREAPROUD: from me KOREAPROUD: 24/7 KOREAPROUD: I tried to play KOREAPROUD: but you trolled bot KOREAPROUD: you didn't do shit to save me KOREAPROUD: you stole cs KOREAPROUD: you wouldn't stop autoing the wave KOREAPROUD: you stole gromp KOREAPROUD: you were useless KOREAPROUD: all lane KOREAPROUD: and you expect me not to be toxic? KOREAPROUD: what a fucking joke dude KOREAPROUD: let's see about that thresh KOREAPROUD: nah KOREAPROUD: idk about that KOREAPROUD: ill just soft KOREAPROUD: afk farm and never fight with you KOREAPROUD: not until you stfu KOREAPROUD: 2 bot KOREAPROUD: 7 deaths KOREAPROUD: xD KOREAPROUD: mayb if you didnt troll bot KOREAPROUD: we woulda had a chance KOREAPROUD: ? KOREAPROUD: you auto;d the wave when i aksed you to stop KOREAPROUD: you watched me die KOREAPROUD: xD KOREAPROUD: dude idc KOREAPROUD: yes KOREAPROUD: 100% KOREAPROUD: ? KOREAPROUD: b KOREAPROUD: 8 deaths KOREAPROUD: said he's not trolling KOREAPROUD: atleast im not hardstuck KOREAPROUD: xd KOREAPROUD: gold 3 KOREAPROUD: with 320 games KOREAPROUD: xD KOREAPROUD: 320 games KOREAPROUD: 50% winrate KOREAPROUD: hardstuck KOREAPROUD: afk threhs? KOREAPROUD: 9 deaths KOREAPROUD: ]yikes KOREAPROUD: get me out KOREAPROUD: troll sup Post-Game KOREAPROUD: This thresh talking shit KOREAPROUD: just checked his match history KOREAPROUD: xD KOREAPROUD: 1-10 KOREAPROUD: 2-9 KOREAPROUD: 1-8 KOREAPROUD: 1-7 KOREAPROUD: sick match history thresh That's it folks. 0 punishments before hand. GG? Other than a force name change about 6 months ago < XD
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