I would like to detail my first five games in Diamond

tl;dr: Diamond sucks and you're not missing out. To pretext, I've been around gold rank for about three seasons now. It has only been this season that I shot into plat before finally just kinda stumbling into Diamond. I had already heard the stories of the wasteland that is Diamond 4, so I tried to temper my expectations. But oh boy, is it a mess so far. Game One - Win: Enemy team has such a wonky team comp it feels like some sort of parody. Some of them may be otp's like me, but to see a blue Kayn against a scaling, beefy and hard denial comp makes me wonder if some of their players where here by accident. But nah, the only Platinum in our game was a Plat 1 Kassadin on our team that went 18-0. Lots of allchat toxicity from the enemy team Game Two - Win: Filled as support, (Poppy support is only OK btw) won by getting carried by a Fiddle who knew how to ult. Would have expected teams to immediately recognize the importance of vision vs a Fiddle at this elo, but oh well. Mostly normal game aside from more toxicity of course. Game Three - Loss: Blew an early game but figured we would be fine late game. Alas it would not be so as our Mid and ADC bullied eachother out of the game, literally. Double RQ, which I haven't had since probably last season. Can't even remember what they where fighting about, as the game was pretty much the definition of "winnable". Decided to stomach it and move on. Game Four - Loss: Most toxicity I had to stomach so far. Played Mord and had a definitively sub optimal ult vs an Ahri. Try to think "shit, wll better learn from that one." but can't really hear my own thoughts from the incessant screaming from my jg for the rest of the game. You would almost assume my Sejuani genuinely thought that every missed CS and skillshot from the entire team was all consequence of me messing up my ult once. Of course thankfully Sejuani was literally a perfect player and had every right to be inflammatory as she had made no mistakes and therefore could indeed be one to talk about missing skillshots. Sarcasm, of course. Game Five - Loss: Just got out of this one, thankfully it didn't last long as our entire bot lane RQ at about 5 minutes, another double. Not sure why, we had a bad invade to start but the map was relatively even until then from what I saw. Of course our Kai'sa was already flamming our Lux support in the lobby for taking barrier so I imagine she was rather shortsighted in the heat of the moment. I actually don't blame Lux too much for leaving and I hope she doesn't get punished for that specific instance. She stayed calm from what I saw and only left when our ADC left. And that's the five games. Why am I making this topic? Because I haven't had this pathetic of a string of games since I was hardstuck silver, and so I need to make something clear. If you are stuck plat and are getting frustrated trying to get to Diamond, don't bother. Climb as high as you would like, I can just say definitively from only five games that Diamond is not worth any hair pulling. I imagine Diamond 3-1 is far better, but Diamond 4 simply isn't worth it. The consensus is in, and it is an absolute fact that the vast majority of Diamond players will not be leaving Diamond 4. Don't tell yourself "if I can get to Diamond I can climb through Diamond" unless you are already at a high Diamond MMR. I will likely only be coming to ranked on occasion as I have no interest in this absolutely pathetic excuse for high elo. This is supposed to be the best of the best, a representation of the values high level play stands for. It's not, it's a toxic cesspool of hateful animals who are all individually the best players they can think of. There is nothing commendable here, nothing to write home about. This Elo is am embarrassment and I can only think of how it won't change. I'm not the most unlucky player ever, where in only my games will I get a double RQ twice in five games. That is consistent patterned behavior, and the fact that it happened to me this late in the season lets me know that those players will not get punished, will not be prevented from playing games, will stay in Diamond 4, and will not improve. As a personal opinion I would expect the players who quit to be outright barred from Diamond for the rest of the season, though I am not a balance expert and may just be talking out of my ass. Regardless, four out of five of my games where absolutely terrible in an Elo that should represent professionalism. Yes I include the games I won. I wasn't on the receiving end of game ending toxicity or player behavior, but I know my opponents where. I know there where players on the enemy team who played from start to finish with genuine intention to try their best, but couldn't because of outright childish and unacceptable behavior from players who won't see repercussions for it. It really is unfortunate this is the state I will be leaving my ranked climb, but in all honesty a player wouldn't need to read blog posts like this to know ahead of time. It was obvious it was this bad from the start.
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