Riot now bans you for typing "IDC about TT"

Just got an email saying that typing "idc about TT" contributed in a negative way. lmao How irony that company abandons TT for years and tells their players to care about it. Didnt feed/troll in game. But got chat restricted for saying idc about TT and telling my team that you are not rank 1. Quote >"Constantly telling players "idc" about the game mode while playing it only contributes more negativity into the game and ruins the experience for the other players involved. It's fine to not care about the game mode, but we still ask that you respect the game and the other players playing it because they do care about it especially now that it is going away. Let me know if you have any other questions I can help ya with. Mumbino Riot Games Player Support Ahri Main "Don't you trust me?""<
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