I'm permabanned for this.

In-Game Viridia: anyone listen to the new pendulum album? Viridia: reported Viridia: my dog is worthy Viridia: check me out on soundcloud Viridia: get a life Viridia: you sat in bush for 5 minutes wdym Viridia: you lost out on so much cs lmao Viridia: ???? Viridia: how was i supposed to know r%%%%% Viridia: gj playing rengar Viridia: rengar is so hard Viridia: gg Viridia: zzz kill lane Viridia: zzz muted Viridia: no Viridia: we had one gank from ww Viridia: they have xerath kill lane Viridia: and rengar was there at least 4 times Viridia: �we cant fucking do anything Viridia: chief Viridia: AGAINST RENGAR? Viridia: k Viridia: fuck off Viridia: i cant Viridia: when xerath Viridia: is in Viridia: my lane Viridia: ok? Viridia: k Viridia: because im constantly pushed to tower Viridia: constantly being poked Viridia: constantly being fucking KILLED Viridia: because rengar + xerath Viridia: watch the fucking replay Viridia: leave it to a lux main to be annoying Viridia: ? Viridia: except one makes sense Viridia: the other doesn't Viridia: no one fucking plays lulu Viridia: you've been tilted from the start Viridia: i literally made one joke and you turned into angry boi Viridia: your arguments were invalid from that point forward tbh Viridia: it was Viridia: a joke Viridia: and you reacted Viridia: with hostility Viridia: i think we all know Viridia: who the problem is here Viridia: because i can Viridia: imagine that Viridia: you're scrambling Viridia: for something to point out Viridia: so you go for my typing Viridia: equivalent to personal attacks in a professional debate tbh Viridia: more than you Viridia: no Viridia: i dont care about you Viridia: you shouldn't care about me Viridia: why the hell would i Viridia: literally dont even know you Viridia: caring =/= typing to reply to someone Viridia: simple stuff Viridia: you keep using that word Viridia: i don't think you know what it means Viridia: dont worry totally winnable guys Game 1 Pre-Game Viridia: i wonder who our mid is gonna pick Viridia: says the person naming themself after one of the most popular characters in the game Viridia: because Viridia: u a real boy Viridia: im not saying that Viridia: what you think i am Viridia: autistic? Viridia: because your name is Viridia: elemental lux Viridia: captain Viridia: facebook told me Viridia: that Viridia: obama is illuminati Viridia: it must be true Viridia: SHIT Hundreds of dollars, gone, all because of the Instant feedback system assuming I do this on a regular basis. I understand there were past punishments that played into this, but here, have a look at this - this is what got me banned for 2 weeks. Game 1 In-Game Viridia: why do all junglers ignore bot lane? Viridia: confused Viridia: thats why junglers exist? Viridia: to help losing lanes????? Viridia: now im even more confused Viridia: ? Viridia: lol what? Viridia: wherever you've heard this rule is completely unreliable and dumb Viridia: why should i play when we're already going to lose jarvan? Viridia: its a 4v5 to begin with Viridia: junglers never gank Viridia: botlane is literally invisible to all junglers Viridia: because the junglers suck yes Viridia: they never touch it winning or losing Viridia: they never come bot Viridia: jarvan let botlane die though, literally just 3 people bot and hes fucking around mid, and its my fault? Viridia: explain how that's my fault Viridia: aww don't like being called out huh? Viridia: LOL Viridia: LULU IS A BAD CHAMPION Viridia: LOL Viridia: holy fucking comedian batman Viridia: ? Viridia: not like you're useful anyway Viridia: ignored bot lane the entire first 10 minutes Viridia: no im not Viridia: im not even a troll Viridia: you're just blind Viridia: ignorant Viridia: and sucking jarvans dick Viridia: its p obv Viridia: literally watch the replay Viridia: you will see why we lost Viridia: im done talking to you though Viridia: enjoy your game I attempted to appeal this, even. Let me tell you what happened; they said no, they think it's fairly placed. Me? I think it's equivalent to middle-school level banter and if you genuinely got offended by anything of what I said above, then you clearly have only just started using the internet. I also found it amusing when I continued arguing on that ticket, and suddenly, all of my tickets were wiped https://i.imgur.com/dJuOdWm.jpg They passed it off as including private information, possibly, and that's a big no. None of my tickets included private information save for the one that remained, which included my EMAIL. Pure coincidence, clearly. I really don't understand this. Why do I deserve permanently banned for moderate levels of toxicity? Especially when most of my toxicity is in response to people provoking me to begin with? I could see if I was spewing racial slurs. I could see if I was spewing homophobic slurs every single game but I'm not. I'm not a hacker, I'm not a griefer who ints every game, I really don't feel like this was fair. Your thoughts?
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