People using lag switches and hacking other players too often when they start shit with you

I keep getting attacked on my computer. It keeps shutting of specifically during league of legends games. People get mad at me, and that makes me angry and we start fighting and then I conveniently get my computer shut off. My PC shuts down, my internet keeps going out. I'm definitely being attacked by people who play this game, and I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this. It happens too often. I know people have pingspikes like up to 1000ms... people getting randomly disconnected. It's all too convenient for me to brush off as a conspiracy or coincidence. It's definitely happening to me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, which is why I'm here to talk to the community about this behavior. I want it to stop happening to me, and I am trying to get help from Riot by contacting them. I need their help especially right now, I'm no hacker or DDos'r or lagswitcher or cheater. I can't really fight this at all. I need Riot's help, and maybe even the communities help if they're willing to. I just want to be able to play through a game, and not get my PC shut off. I know it's not my PC now...people just hate me because I'm stupid or something. I don't know. I do have a lot of enemies, and I understand that. Still, though...doing this to get rid of me isn't right. No one should be removed forcibly...from playing a game or hacking or giving viruses to them to make their computer get fucked up. It just isn't right and I want to help it stop. I want my life back, and this sucks dick. Please if anyone can help stop this shit from happening to me, or just in general. Please please please help. I hope this is the right place to ask. _daniel
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