Account perma banned

Hi, I'm trinity force in league of legends and My account got perma banned yesterday for toxicity I guess you'd call it for two games after being 15 day banned in june or july but the thing I said wasn't even really toxic to me anyways if anything it was just trash talking like every single game on the face of the world with multiplayer has in it. I really don't understand why my account got perma banned just for two games when I've reformed from how i was when my account got a 15 day ban. I would never want to get banned when I've spent a good bit of money on my account and constantly play gangplank because i was a gangplank main. it's just mind blowing. I'll post the reform card thingy. Game 1 Trinity Force: you don't Trinity Force: just report him after the game Trinity Force: no leash :) Trinity Force: you know i'm not going to try this game Trinity Force: must be fuck playing a brain dead ass champion Trinity Force: naw talon is brain dead kid Trinity Force: he clearly is Trinity Force: lmfao kid you're playing talon a down syndrome retard can play him with no hands Trinity Force: toxic kid you just told me a i suck because is aid the fucking champion that riot made is brian dead Trinity Force: like how ignorant can't you actually be kid Trinity Force: can Trinity Force: 1v1 in a new game bud Trinity Force: and nami if you have a problem with me mute Trinity Force: ummm for one you're going 1\4 you're doing trash also kid Trinity Force: says the dude playing a new champion in a role he don't even belong in Trinity Force: haven't a bad game isn't trolling ;) Trinity Force: amumu just feeds Trinity Force: you sure you're not killing my game? :) Trinity Force: nub team Game 2 Trinity Force: cute how you switched lanes sissy kid Trinity Force: sure sissy kid you tried counter pciking me Trinity Force: I can't control my mini map Trinity Force: brain dead fuck all you are Trinity Force: nope Trinity Force: why should i let a bunch of feeders surrender early? Trinity Force: report everyone on my team for being a bunch of cry babies doing nothing but bitching at each other and flamming each other and just feeding then trying to surrender

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