Is there any point to reforming?

Played since S1, relatively chill until I got toxic about a year ago and got kicked to honor 0 (I still question the decision due to circumstance but that's besides the point) and kinda left the game for a while. Seasonal events drew me back in and I slowly earned my honor back throughout 400+ish games. I finally got to honor 1 checkpoint 2/3 and was pumped that I would finally get back to honor 2 and was kinda proud of myself for staying cool in my games. I'm ranked high bronze which means I'm with not the best players (myself included) and that usually leads to snowballs that for some reason drag out (from my experience). This game was such a game. Long story short we were losing badly, blame was tossed around, everyone wanted to early surrender except one guy, more blame was tossed around, lose game the end. He was being pretty toxic towards me so I reported him post game. Finish another game and bam, instant feedback report pops up (I usually end up reporting around a third to half of my games and about 3/4 of those reports go through) and call it a night. Come next time I log in I get hit with a 10 day chat suspension, I look over the logs and couldn't really find anything that would be deemed "far below standards". Maybe I'm just used to the toxic environment that is bronze or maybe riot really doesn't care that their system is broken and/or upped their standards. I dunno. The point is I felt cheated, all from 1 game. Maybe it's misplaced anger or what not but those 400+ game getting myself to honor 1 2/3 are all gone. The way it works is if you get any infraction the system knocks you down a level along with any progress towards your next one. Other then losing the free rewards the system also matches you up with people of similar honor when you play games which just makes your game experience even worse. At this point I don't see much reason to be honorable in the game anymore. The report system is automated, there's no tribunal like before so there's no context given or taken into consideration. The system actively works against helping you improve by matching you with trolls and griefers (yes I know it's like this for reasons but it sure as hell doesn't help player reform nor promotes it) and is completely unpredictable. You could get one guy using racial slurs and/or profanity one game and have nothing happen to them meanwhile something like this would result in punishment. You could spend hundreds of hours getting going up honor but it takes only one game/lapse of judgement to lose it all. This system just makes it feel like it'd be better to just open new accounts every time you slip up since the hours put into getting an account up to level is much less then getting your honor back. Played on my alt and there's a big fucking difference in the people you get on your team dependent on your honor level. Those people are generally better at teamwork, pings and responding to events then those in lower honor levels. The game literally puts you at a disadvantage for hundreds of games due to a couple bad games. Here's the log for those interested. Maybe you could tell me where I fucked up. Game 1 In-Game Shadowbyte: yup Shadowbyte: \ Shadowbyte: rammus Shadowbyte: gank? Shadowbyte: gg Shadowbyte: no gank Shadowbyte: dont say coming to gank Shadowbyte: and proceed not to for 3 mins Shadowbyte: messes with my timings Shadowbyte: question ping me again bud Shadowbyte: dont get toxic over your bad jungling practice Shadowbyte: 1/3 Shadowbyte: yes really Shadowbyte: stop wasting my time Shadowbyte: 1 Shadowbyte: 1/7 botlane Shadowbyte: lul Shadowbyte: after how many ganks bot? Shadowbyte: hmmmmm Shadowbyte: end pls Shadowbyte: varus too prideful to surrender Shadowbyte: pls save us some time Shadowbyte: "its not over" meanwhile 3-22 Shadowbyte: you're delusional Shadowbyte: rengo is right Shadowbyte: oooh Shadowbyte: toxic aswell as bad Shadowbyte: thats gonna get you places Shadowbyte: sure bud Shadowbyte: varus still thinks we can win Shadowbyte: just end pls Shadowbyte: lies Shadowbyte: mute me and stop bitching in all chat then lul Shadowbyte: same Shadowbyte: take baron and end pls Shadowbyte: only if you could see team chat Shadowbyte: doesnt mattedr Shadowbyte: cya in 14 days Post-Game Shadowbyte: varus flames more then brand
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