Thanks for the chat restriction riot

I'm being serious. For some reason this chat restriction helped my mentality about league. The ranked grind was getting to me. The teammates berating me for tiny mistakes that they themselves were making was getting to me(as well as a couple of other factors during the few days I REALLY tilted this month). The selfish players were getting to me. The "op champions" were getting to me. It was like I was in a tilt, except the difference is that I was tilted even though I took a break from the game. Any meta champion who beat me was suddenly the worst thing since Hitler in my mind. Any toxic teammate was a reason to type 4 essays as to why they are a hypocrite for being toxic(the irony, I know.) I'm really sorry to those who were affected by my behaviour. I'm going to make it my priority to start being nicer to teammates, mostly those who may not be the nicest, because they still deserve better than i've been giving them.
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