Can I just not talk in game without being punished.

Game 1 VinceDaGr3at: man we shoulda had that VinceDaGr3at: flashon her next time please it was free VinceDaGr3at: okay we gonna lose bot. not flaming but you gotta go in and get some hooks when you thrsh VinceDaGr3at: like you have full mana and missed a free kill VinceDaGr3at: im early game shes not VinceDaGr3at: your new i guess VinceDaGr3at: k VinceDaGr3at: its my sup but okay VinceDaGr3at: watch the replay VinceDaGr3at: and look at my history if you dont believe me VinceDaGr3at: i mean graves can see blitz is scared to go in. play poke if your uncomfortable going in blitz VinceDaGr3at: not flaming just being honest VinceDaGr3at: you and blitz are a duo voli VinceDaGr3at: why you baking him up VinceDaGr3at: how have I flamed VinceDaGr3at: he litterly cussed at me and flamed VinceDaGr3at: wow reported VinceDaGr3at: racism VinceDaGr3at: more then tops VinceDaGr3at: dude have you seen how tops talked to me VinceDaGr3at: but sure im toxic VinceDaGr3at: he can cuss me out all I said is we needee to play agro early VinceDaGr3at: i did VinceDaGr3at: i just want this to be over tops been toxic all game VinceDaGr3at: dude your gonan get banned VinceDaGr3at: racism is instaban VinceDaGr3at: and I havent swore at you at all Game 2 VinceDaGr3at: your a zed VinceDaGr3at: just be the better one VinceDaGr3at: leash pleae bot VinceDaGr3at: xerath VinceDaGr3at: sup please lash me VinceDaGr3at: THANK XERATH VinceDaGr3at: siver you can go bot now VinceDaGr3at: your siver can only adc VinceDaGr3at: i missed my skuttle cause sup wouldnt leash'\ VinceDaGr3at: that alota my damage is stacks dude VinceDaGr3at: i called bot VinceDaGr3at: we lose im reporting xerath for trolling VinceDaGr3at: it is VinceDaGr3at: whats your ello? VinceDaGr3at: tahst pretty low? VinceDaGr3at: like D5? VinceDaGr3at: na you can get boosted to D5 ez VinceDaGr3at: and the games so snowbally you screwed me VinceDaGr3at: WOW now racism thats an insta ban xerath VinceDaGr3at: your fine zed the sup refused to leasha dsn so I missed my free stacks VinceDaGr3at: just do me a favor and report xerath for beinga racist child VinceDaGr3at: why cause your duo is a racist? VinceDaGr3at: i mean your getting banned so its cool VinceDaGr3at: so fun fact mr diamon at equal lvls kindred can 1v1 their jung VinceDaGr3at: ehh maybe if we had a sup who wasnt a racist troll VinceDaGr3at: weird his duop thinks tht? VinceDaGr3at: Man its sad when duos are toxic together VinceDaGr3at: lets just ff at 15 and remember to report xerath fro racism and trolling VinceDaGr3at: called youa a racist cause you said racial slurs VinceDaGr3at: OR yaw could not say racial slurs VinceDaGr3at: you refused to help leash which is what your supposed to do VinceDaGr3at: SO I was behind missed my stacks and THEN you called me a racial Slur VinceDaGr3at: now i cant catch up VinceDaGr3at: can we please ff im tired of this duo being toxic VinceDaGr3at: i just hate racist man VinceDaGr3at: im glad its isntaban on racal slurs VinceDaGr3at: IT IS trust me VinceDaGr3at: \well just watch his account the next few days VinceDaGr3at: riot doesnt tolerate reacism excspecially ones who think they get off free VinceDaGr3at: NO racism is not okay VinceDaGr3at: I will move on after hes reported VinceDaGr3at: your only defending him casue youa duop VinceDaGr3at: ive tried to be nice VinceDaGr3at: I even gave uyp my role I called VinceDaGr3at: well now I can report you for vulger language too VinceDaGr3at: i mean I called bot and you instalocked siver XD VinceDaGr3at: so i went jungle VinceDaGr3at: ima good kindred but she needs al;eash VinceDaGr3at: im m7 last time I played her got 2 pentas back to back VinceDaGr3at: can prove it too VinceDaGr3at: KINDRED NEED HELP EARLY VinceDaGr3at: XERATH REFUSED TO HELP VinceDaGr3at: read patch note cathup exp is gon VinceDaGr3at: and once kindred is behind kayne will snowball out of control VinceDaGr3at: BECASE bot has been in my jungle since 5 min VinceDaGr3at: ands look your gonan deffend your duo nomatter what so just stop VinceDaGr3at: i accept typing made me play worse but initally I lost my 1st stack because xerath VinceDaGr3at: DUDE I HAD TOO VinceDaGr3at: cause Iw as so behind VinceDaGr3at: you know after 3 deatsh your worth no gold right? VinceDaGr3at: anbd I geta 1% health stack every stack VinceDaGr3at: SO if I die for a stack wghen im worth no gold its worth VinceDaGr3at: hows it? VinceDaGr3at: hows it not woth? VinceDaGr3at: you know I outscale him right? VinceDaGr3at: xerath caused it VinceDaGr3at: no he wont VinceDaGr3at: kayn is a bad champ VinceDaGr3at: no hes easy to outplay Game 3 VinceDaGr3at: DDUE VinceDaGr3at: please stop VinceDaGr3at: theres no reason for that VinceDaGr3at: we migh lose lane now VinceDaGr3at: DUDE WE KILLED IF YOU CHASED INSTEAD OF BM VinceDaGr3at: please stop sona VinceDaGr3at: man we won taht bfight if yaw stayed VinceDaGr3at: we went in and yaw left VinceDaGr3at: this game was free but got camped and sona you cant go in 1v2 against cc VinceDaGr3at: i overextended once VinceDaGr3at: shes 1v2 3 times VinceDaGr3at: kat stop talking please VinceDaGr3at: really dude VinceDaGr3at: reported VinceDaGr3at: i gave her advice never flamed VinceDaGr3at: its true VinceDaGr3at: and I asked her all 3 times not too VinceDaGr3at: its not VinceDaGr3at: cause I asked nicley VinceDaGr3at: i just told a fact when i said that VinceDaGr3at: the mouse thing is VinceDaGr3at: no utrs not VinceDaGr3at: toxic VinceDaGr3at: can we ff i really dislike playing with you kat VinceDaGr3at: no cause chat is for the game VinceDaGr3at: sone help please VinceDaGr3at: look man obviously sonas new on her im assuming I gave her advice kat says im flaming and flames me and im jusst tired of it VinceDaGr3at: KAT stop flaming her VinceDaGr3at: you said I was VinceDaGr3at: when I asked her to not 1v2 VinceDaGr3at: never said she cant VinceDaGr3at: said wont VinceDaGr3at: na so i can report VinceDaGr3at: have too VinceDaGr3at: you8 needed to ult b4 tower was gone VinceDaGr3at: watch when i ping ult please VinceDaGr3at: please look I know I get tilted and I get rude. But I do not swear, I do not call people racial things and I only become rude when people have done one of those things to me. Every single game I have got chat banned for in the past honestly half a year, has involved a duo. I try very hard to be cool but when someone trolls me and then calls me the N word and stuff like F** It really hurts my feelings so I do get a lil rude. I guess if I do decide to play after this ill just mute everyone in game from now on. I get told Im trash every single game unless I carry and I dont have an ego I cant carry every game.So I get called trash alot, and only trash if im lucky. Im not gonna pretend like I wasn't rude but if you could see the rest of the chat I really wouldn't be near as bad by comparison. In 2 of the listed games I was called the N word multiple times. I shoulda closed chat after the 1st time. But I guess they were right they can be as racist as they want to me, they have the numbers so they wont get in trouble. Anyways lesson learned ill just never talk in chat again, and when they call me racial and homophobic slurs ill just let them. If you took all the swear words and bad things ive been called in my whole life and put them together over half would have come from league, I knew I was becoming toxic from the community. I honestly try hard to not be, but its hard to be cussed out and flamed and called really mean words when you wont say any back and if you do get any attitude your reported. Its always games with duos. Anyways I hope riot does something about the others, but now I know I cant say anything at all back. Really hurts your self esteem to get called the n word and the f word multiple games and then you get a 14 day suspension after they told you in the last game they wouldn't get in trouble for calling you that. I just get so stressed feeling like my reports do nothing but im always doing something reportable. I never personally attack anyone, the parts I am rude about are the game, yet I am personally attacked. And I know some of what I said was wrong but I never start that way, I just get emotional because I have alot a issues with being talked down too. I dont care if someone says im bad but when they personally attack me I do start to get upset and say mean things back, BUT only about the game. I cant count how many times ive been told to kill myself in this game. Anyways not much I can say, but now I know I just gotta take it whatever people wanna say to me and say nothing. Anyways I know im sounding whiny just upest, the game 2 happend right before this where I was called the N word several times and I was loading up a match of norms to try to take my mind off it when I was banned. If you took time to read thanks.
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