i got a 14 day ban for one game with no racism ?

Literally the only thing why did i get 14 day ban and no chat ban wtf??????? I understand i was toxic but i thought that i was supposed to get 10 games 25 games then a 14 day? Im really pissed off because i didnt get into the main college i applied to so it was reflected in game and i understand i should be punsihed, but why the fuck do i get 14 day ban? Game 1 Igita: how someone can get m7 on a support Igita: and not know to take fucking exhaust vs 3 hypercarries Igita: i will never understand Igita: no Igita: we scale Igita: its called they are a dumbass Igita: noting more Igita: nothing less Igita: both teams scale Igita: its going to ltae game Igita: the fact they didnt take exhaust just shows they are shit Igita: and the fact you are agreeing with the ignite shows you are too Igita: and check the games on this account this isnt my real rank Igita: stop being shit Igita: and maybe you wil climb Igita: check games idiot Igita: how dumb can u be Igita: exhaust Igita: lol Igita: sure do love a good bard ult on a turret Igita: or a mia from top Igita: or a support Igita: yea Igita: the bard lost it Igita: purely based on summs Igita: if he had exhaust Igita: the yi wouldnt be farming bot lane Igita: its so simple Igita: yet idiots in this elo cant comprehend it Igita: also we got a mundo jungle Igita: our only hope here lies in nasus Igita: lol Igita: feeder Igita: ashe if ur gona feed dont take my cs pls Igita: 2 mid for 3 minutes yet mundo goes bot Igita: pls Igita: stay out of ranked mundo Igita: see what exhaust can do? Igita: lol Igita: no Igita: u didnt do anything for us Igita: except lose it Igita: mundo Igita: sb Igita: yo nasus Igita: we gona need u to open them gates Igita: aight this mundo inting Igita: we need nasus to get turrets Igita: ashe Igita: please Igita: do something Igita: other than be by yourself Igita: so Igita: you were by yourself Igita: you stil have 8 deaths Igita: and you still didnt want to let me adc Igita: lol Igita: you seem to do that to everyone elses so Igita: holy fuck this mundo Igita: wait Igita: ward it Igita: do not tyr Igita: unless mundo is here Igita: bard just itned Igita: my team is inting Igita: my bot lane* Igita: lol Igita: legit this is sad Igita: report ashe and mundo pls Igita: gg Igita: yea Igita: shes straight up Igita: inting Igita: dont you guys love the mortal reminder Igita: for all the armor and healing you have? Igita: well yea when you have 3 hypercarries and bard takes ignite Igita: you know they are already trolling Igita: when they have* Igita: ashe doesnt understand such a basic concept Igita: let them smurf caryr them Igita: best engage ashe ult of 2018 right there Igita: yes it was Igita: the fuck are u smoking Igita: whatevs Igita: gg
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