A Year Later - Requesting for a Chance to Get My PERMABANNED Account Back

Hello, My IGN is Opportunist and I WAS a toxic player. During my past, I was really committed to the game. Very emotional and very passionate. I mostly used it as a way to escape my daily life and the negative environment I lived in. To give you a better understanding, I would spend HOURS at a time playing League on my father's old computer he was trying to throw out. And I played League on just that. It wasn't the greatest computer. I had to play with everything on the lowest setting and windowed mode just to be able to run it. But it was my only escape and enjoyment I had at the time. Honestly, overtime, I just became a angry person. Not with the game or anything like that, but I, myself, had overall became a angry person. I would play the game and regardless of what happened, I took out my real life issues , onto the community. I became a toxic player. My teammate could of done something good or nothing wrong at all, and I would be a negative teammate to them. When they did something that I felt was wrong, I was even worse. This, I have to honestly admit to. I WAS that toxic player. Fast forward , Im banned now. Not out of the blue, but after fair warnings , I became permabanned. And when that happened, it became a new chapter for me. I've read in multiple threads from multiple sources, of multiple accounts getting unbanned from a permabanned from various of ways. One being, leveling an account to 30 and showing them that you can change. When I read that , I really did want to change. But I knew just by leveling to 30 and saying " hey, unban me. i didnt say anything mean up to level 30" wouldn't help me become a better person for myself or the community. It has been almost a YEAR since I last played the game and gotten permabanned. And I waited until now to plead my case and in attempt to earn a chance to show my change. Not to unban my account, but to earn the chance to show the community and RIOT GAMES on why I believe I can get my account unbanned. Since my permabanned, I have been doing various of things to improve my behavior and overall health. I have and currently am still seeing my therapist. I have been to multiple anger discussion groups, as well as practice healthy habits. Such as working out and going out to social events. Even though this sounds silly and easy, this was a difficult thing for me to do. All of this change was. I do have access to my toxic chat logs if anyone would like to see. Im not ashamed of what I did in the past because I am a new person.I don't want what I did in the past, to conflict with who I am now. I want to show you my logs to help show you the difference that I have made. I truly have worked tours this moment for a very long time Do i honestly believe I have changed as a person? YES-, significantly Do I honestly believe that I can be a positive member of the community? YES I really do Do I think I deserve my account unbanned? NO, not without you truly believing me and agreeing with me So what do I want? I want a CHANCE. A chance to show YOU , the COMMUNITY and RIOT GAMES that I did work on myself to become a better person. That I can be a positive member of the community. That I really did take it seriously when I got permabanned and that I did want to be apart of this community and game. I love this game. I have seen popular toxic players get a chance to reform and have a second shot at the community. I really took my time and passion into doing this. I really did want to become a better person and Riot has helped push me to do so. I want my account back, just as bad as anyone else. But I also want to be a real member of the community and change for the better. I have done that and I hope there is a way for me to really express it and show it to the community and to Riot Games of the new person I have became. Please let me find a way to show you. I really do have love and passion for this game and that account hold alot of it.
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