Adds me after game to flame (STORYTIME)

Weekends are the best time to play ranked. Everyone tries their hardest, and are very understanding of having a poor game. /sarcasm So I just had a pretty good game, I popped off and really forced that win down my teams throats. I'll be honest, my solo laners did well and I focused on collecting shutdowns and getting objectives. Enemy jungler simply got out jungled, nothing more to say, it happens to me all the time. Now the enemy adc did not understand the concept of snowballing a lead and in post game he proceeded to play the blame game. Maybe it was foolish of me to get involved, but I pointed out that it was _his_ early game shut down gold that allowed me to snow ball every other lane and secure all objectives. He didn't like that though. How dare I, the 11/1/6 Warwick speak to HIM, the 6/8/4 adc?! As if I, a jungler, would dare to understand the map better than a late game scaling adc. Comical really. But the real joke was my final line before leaving "Well I got the win and you took the loss, so clearly I'm the better player". Before I even have time to close my lobby he caps locks me "NICE F***ING WINRATE". I think he was assuming I had a bad win rate because this was a low elo game but to my surprise I'm rocking a 73% w/r. While I type in his name to his, (48% btw), a new friend request pops up. Now I know better than to accept or deny it. I know that accepting it will result in me being called some slurs before he blocks and feels vindicated. Denying him means he will repeatedly adds me which will annoy me to know end and also give him a victory. No, the only real way to win is to let the friend request sit there a few days and then delete once he's forgotten I even exist. Surely that's what I did right? Obviously not because there is still a paragraph left. So I wait about 5 minutes and then accept his add, not surprised to see he is already in another game. I wish I could tell you I was mature, and simply advised this young man to improve his attitude lest he end up like many of the sob stories on this subsection, but I did not. What I did was slam my W/R down his top hole, his W/R up his bottom hole, and proceeded to spam the ever living shit out of him. I spammed him so much he couldn't have been focused on the game because he HAD to reply. He could not let me get the last word. He could not ignore that yellow line of text talking smack about him. Before I left I -may- have told him he was going to lose that game too. I may have told him he was only meant to lose, that it was his calling in life. Sure enough, he lost that game too! And then the game after that! Talk about tilted. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} TL;DR- Psycho rage baby meets an actual Psychopath and loses three games for it.
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