Clash and Honor

When the honor system first came out I like everyone else was placed at honor 2 and I wasn't toxic nor was I leaving games, note I never promoted from honor 2 for reasons I do not know why and it was very frustrating because all the people I knew were leveling up in honor. So some time went by and I stopped caring about watching what I was saying or what it felt to other people of what I was saying. One day I got a chat restriction I was pretty bummed about it but knew that I shouldn't have said what I said, so I was dropped to honor 0 and ever since I haven't talked in chat and if I did it was to say good job or something informational (like top no flash). I never leveled up after and still remain at level 0 and I think I will never level up in order to actually play clash which to me seems really cool. I sometimes feel like the honor system leveling up just doesn't work for me, but it could just be my imagination. I do have one question do the honor levels get reset each season?

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