Seeking RIOTER's opinions on whether this discussion is fair or not..

I encountered a player in a game with a friend who reported me for flaming.. which whatever..I said one bad word to her. give the chat restriction. But what i don't understand is how she can threaten to write an email to a riot friend of hers to try to get my account banned. She even threatened me in game... saying she was going to write an email to get me banned. Check that chat logs of my most recent report. So after I report her and she reports me, I get chat restriction but then it gets better! She messages my friend telling him that she can email her friend to disregard the penalty.. What the heck? I have the screen shots and summoner name to prove the conversation tru, but I wanted to hear from a riot employee if this is fair for her or her riot friend to do.. Its already hard enough to give beneficial advice without getting reported for flame... sooooo tell me what is there to do about this situation.? I feel like this riot friend of hers can apparently be manipulated. Thoughts?
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