Permanently banned on my main account

Permanently banned from league -Alex is Bae UωU Hello all, None of you might know who I am, or care for that matter. I want to thank you for reading this post to start of, but I'd like to share my story about how I got permanently banned, and why I feel like I should have gotten punished but not gotten permanently banned. So I got banned last week, I had an allright game, I was playing with my girlfriend and we were bot, I was playing Teemo (I was trying to get mastery level 5 on each champion so this is why I was playing Teemo), the enemy Adc player told me to and I quote "kys". I just told them thats not how you should talk concidering you will get banned for that, I used to be that amount of toxic but I had reformed from saying those words, and I would say them in Voice but I would not type them out not to ruin the experience off other players. I remind my own team and I said exactly this "Don't forget to report the enemy adc" "said "kys"" Now, this game we had a player who wasn't communicating and was playing not to well, but hey, it happens, i try to talk to the guy in a bit of a too agressive manner and after the game was over I got instantly banned. Now most of you will be thinking "oh but he is just toxic so he got banned", as I said earlier I feel like I should have gotten punished. A chat restriction, yes, but a permanent ban? I feel like thats a bit much, so I make a Riot support ticket and I explain the situation on wich I got a response from a Riot support employee, who was very disrespectfull towards me, and made it seem like I was stupid. I respond to this, having worked in customer service myself, that no matter what you should always be respectfull to the person you respond to. Luckily I got another response from another employee that wasn't disrespectfull towards me. But they said there was absolutely nothing they could do. I make another response saying I would like to have my account deleted and I get a link towards this reddit post. Now why is this so important to me, and thank you if you are still reading this. I am currently 19 y/o I have been playing the game for around 4-5 years now, and I have spent a large sum of money on the game, the game ment alot to me and it was basically the reason that I was willing to go through, I have had a bad case of depression ever since I was 14 so league was always there for me. But now its gone. Just completely gone. I would like to end the post with saying if any riot employee's came across this post and were to look into my case and give me a final chance I would be really gratefull and it would mean literally everything to me. My accounts summoner name is "Alex is Bae UωU". Thank you for reading and I hope this might give some light to the situation and hopefully someone could help me out. :)
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