The Support Teemo That Doesn't Go Bot Lane

The Support Teemo That Doesn't Go Bot Lane
Affordable league accounts USE Code new10 for 10% off your first purchase Nubrac is a Masters player that plays support Teemo usually Mid or Top. He claims he isn't trolling/griefing and has gotten a lot of backlash from what he firmly believes is "changing the meta".
What is going on here? This player is being harassed and slandered by professional streamers, who breaks the rules an goes afk in the game. Yet he is the one getting the punishment. Riot: Why are you treating profesisonal streamers and regular players differently? Why is Nightblue allowed to call this player a bitch and trash when you ban me for saying "morgana" ? <- You have a lot to answer for here cause you didnt do the right thing here, bad call riot, bad call.
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