Getting back Honor level 1

After the new honor system rolled out, I got a 10 game and a 25 (or 30, I forget) game chat restrictions probably within the first month or so. This was basically from just being an instigator and low level (albeit constistent) badgering. No hate or racism or zero-tolerance words. This led me to getting honor level 1 and then 0 pretty fast. I "unlocked" honor pretty quickly, only took a week or so if I remember correctly. As honor came out in earlyish July (right?), this means I probably re-unlocked my honor in earlyish August. So, thats been almost 5 months of sitting at honor 0. I've gotten no more chat restrictions, let alone a 2 week ban. Is it normal to take this long to get up to honor level 1? Thanks! -Reforming ape
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