How Can I make sure someones banned?

I played a draft game with a friend of mine and we were botlane, him the support and me the ADC. the game wasn't going well, with top, mid and jungle feeding. master yi (the jungler) came botlane for a gank but I got chunked and their jgler (rengar i think) counter-ganked. I was playing Caitlyn and I couldn't do much. After master yi had died in a close 1v3 he typed in chat "Cait u like watching" followed by "dumb r%%%%%." after this the rest of the game was pretty bad. top, jg and mid had all died quite a few times. near the end of the game after i had ks'ed a kill from our toplaner (morde) he just went off on me and threatened to rape me. He said quite a few fucked up things (and i quote) "caitlyn get raped, you are so ass" afterward said this while the enemy seiged base "I'm going to dox u and rape u irl. split you in two. I hope you'll enjoy it. I'll fucking dquish (squish i think he meant) your prostate little boy" he may have said stuff after that but i muted him. the game went on for a bit longer then ended. luckily i was recording this so i have evidence of the toxic shit they were saying. How would i go about making sure this player gets banned? I reported him but i dont really trust riots report system lol. I pointed out his score and told him the reason why i took his kill was that he was useless. he was 3/6 97 cs at 30 min.
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