Why do people think Shaming is not punished?

In most Posts i see, and in a lot of my games recently, i noticed that most toxicity Comes from shaming of any source, and people really believe that it is not punished at all by riot, when infact it is one of the worst Things you can do. Shaming isn't just stuff like inferiorating religion or slutshaming, Shaming is verbally degenerating people for ANY personal classification. That can be gender, that can be belief, that can be fanbase. Calling people weeb out of degratory purpose and excessively hating them for picking a certain champ *cough mostly referencing the Yas playerbase* is also shaming. If you call people dumb, stupid, prematurely toxic, directly Insult them and anything the likes of this JUST because of a certain class, certain champ or certain playstyle, then you are guilty of shaming. Yeah, so what if yasuos, rivens and Lee sin's are generally more known to be toxic? doesn't make them all the same. Doesn't justify you putting them all as the same either. People aren't noobs for counterpicking people aren't cancerous for playing high winrate champs And people don't deserve to be practically tiltbaited just for not losing into 0/10 with their champs because memes make it a standart joke. What people do just to justify their opinion is slowly starting to transcend from rude to sick. I think riot should move shaming into hatespeech and direct 14 day it. People really, and i mean REALLY, don't get the message. What hurts most is that for the people ingame i can't really tell them such either, because i risk being struck by the punishment system myself for expressing false authority. So not only do people not know how bad shaming is taken by the system, i only can tell them in the aftergames-chats where they usually are already gone before i can say anything serious. this is making me so angry for fucks sake.
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