Everyone is so salty now?? ? ?

I`m a support main that has been steadily climbing to platinum , the highest I`ve gotten was gold 2 with 94 LP but now I`ve hitten a huge loss streak of teammates making strange decisions, flaming eachother, inting, disconnecting.... and ultimately forcing the game to be lost. Adcs getting caught out mid lane late game, nobody is grouping, nobody follows up with cc, my graves jungle tower dove the enemy draven at lvl 2 gave first blood and instantly quit the game. Ive been trying to roam alot to force my other lanes to win which does help but then my teammates are worth gold again and end up dieing more and more, I cant even engage anymore with ult / e / talisman as taric because my teams never follow up despite the enemy having important spells on cooldowns or it being 5v4 and I would end up dieing alone for no reason. Now I just had a nasus who flamed my jungler for not coming top , so then my entire team flames him, he sits in our jungle and takes our junglers farm, 400 stacks and wouldnt defend our base while the enemy went from inhib turret to inhib to nexus turrets and then nexus.... And in the end everyone else on my team is asking to report nasus AND ME "for being a cuck" (voting no on surrender / defending nasus and trying to get him to help our team.) Is this matchmaking bringing the worst of the playerbase or the playerbase is just terrible atm? Ive dropped 2 divisions and I feel helpess, whenever i win I win hard with nearly 0 deaths while the enemy team is the one to start flaming eachother while my team actually follows up and knows what to do, its just staggering.
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