If Intentionally Feeding is reportable, why not Intentionally Killing an Intent Feeder?

(Ignore my salt) As you can see by the picture, that I made careful to block names so no one would get harrased, I had an Vladimir who intentionally fed after giving first blood to the Darius. After running down some lanes some more, the Darius actually called him top to keep dying to him (which he did). He taunted things like "Vlad give me 4 items b4 20 mins" and "I'm going to honor you Vlad". We begged not only for the Vlad to stop intentionally feeding, but the Darius to not kill him. Long story short, It is not only the person who is intentionally feeding that is ruining the game for others, but it is also the one that keeps purposely killing the feeder, knowing that it is intentional. If we are all supposed to be sportsmanlike, how does killing someone you know is purposefully trying to die to you demonstrating this behavior. Personally, I reported the Vlad and Darius and unsportsmanlike conduct. Was the report on Darius justifiable or would he get an offense? Thoughts?
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