Time to reform

So I got a 14 day suspension, 2 days ago, and I didn't understand why... Now that i'm looking at videos on youtube of other raging, and swearing in chat, at their teammates, I guess I saw myself... I just wanted to say sorry to anyone I ever sweared at in chat, and i'm gonna try to be reformed. And no i'm not asking for Riot to cancel my suspension, I deserve it, honestly, I just wanna speak, to others that rage at their teammates and lose control, to try and look at themselves, for a change. Have a good day everyone. Here's all I said: Game 1 ZIVHOFMIER: i disagree with her off meta pick and summs but she's no troll ZIVHOFMIER: funny to hear such words from a teemo main ZIVHOFMIER: i see u moron ZIVHOFMIER: wtf r u doing' ZIVHOFMIER: thanks alot ZIVHOFMIER: fucking idiot ZIVHOFMIER: such cancer ZIVHOFMIER: go fuck your mother ZIVHOFMIER: stfu ZIVHOFMIER: lil bitch ZIVHOFMIER: garbage ZIVHOFMIER: ww ZIVHOFMIER: can ulkt ZIVHOFMIER: way too lae ZIVHOFMIER: so cancer ZIVHOFMIER: teemo and fizz same team ZIVHOFMIER: why ZIVHOFMIER: kayn the lil btch ragequit ZIVHOFMIER: u baited me to cahse him ZIVHOFMIER: and then ustopped ZIVHOFMIER: nice trap ZIVHOFMIER: no shit ZIVHOFMIER: taaric and kayn are bad at playing the game ZIVHOFMIER: kayn jerk ZIVHOFMIER: nice english ZIVHOFMIER: 0/8* ZIVHOFMIER: shroom ZIVHOFMIER: walk on it ZIVHOFMIER: so i don't ZIVHOFMIER: god the ww rework is cancer ZIVHOFMIER: congrats u almost kys ZIVHOFMIER: no ZIVHOFMIER: fizz and teemo and ww are ZIVHOFMIER: nott like i', the only person to think so ZIVHOFMIER: wtf ZIVHOFMIER: who voted no Game 2 ZIVHOFMIER: uhh ZIVHOFMIER: i'mma solo raptors ZIVHOFMIER: go to lane ZIVHOFMIER: he was oom ZIVHOFMIER: wtf do u want ZIVHOFMIER: he flashed ZIVHOFMIER: i had no choice ZIVHOFMIER: kha would'be came around ZIVHOFMIER: he ulted me ZIVHOFMIER: i had to try ZIVHOFMIER: and if kha didn't have flash i would've killedc him ZIVHOFMIER: yes i am ZIVHOFMIER: lmao yas ZIVHOFMIER: %%% ZIVHOFMIER: %%% ZIVHOFMIER: ur over ganking ZIVHOFMIER: LOL ZIVHOFMIER: kha such a pussy ass %%%%% hides in invisibility liek a lil bich ZIVHOFMIER: ez ZIVHOFMIER: bich ass %%%%% ZIVHOFMIER: lol ok ZIVHOFMIER: it's just bruam and varus ZIVHOFMIER: 2/5 ppl ZIVHOFMIER: not alot ZIVHOFMIER: less than most ZIVHOFMIER: WFT ZIVHOFMIER: ???? ZIVHOFMIER: i'm an assasin ZIVHOFMIER: that's my job ZIVHOFMIER: kills ZIVHOFMIER: ??? ZIVHOFMIER: yeah and what do fed assasins do? ZIVHOFMIER: one shot ZIVHOFMIER: i am ZIVHOFMIER: wrf ZIVHOFMIER: no ZIVHOFMIER: red kayn is ZIVHOFMIER: blue kayn is assasin ZIVHOFMIER: me? ZIVHOFMIER: u went split poushing bot ZIVHOFMIER: then got cuaght ZIVHOFMIER: ??? ZIVHOFMIER: KOG'MAW STOP COMPLAIN9ING ABOUT ME ZIVHOFMIER: AND NOT SEEING URSELF ZIVHOFMIER: THE YARE BOTH TANKS ZIVHOFMIER: WHAT DO U WANT ZIVHOFMIER: NO UR NOT ZIVHOFMIER: U CHOSE ZIVHOFMIER: O BE TEHRE ZIVHOFMIER: TO GO THERE ZIVHOFMIER: IN THE MAP ZIVHOFMIER: IF I WENT IN ZIVHOFMIER: NOTHING ZIVHOFMIER: WOUDL HAVE CHANGED ZIVHOFMIER: I COUDLN'T HAVE KILLED THEM ZIVHOFMIER: START SEEING URSELF ZIVHOFMIER: I'M NOT UR BABYSITTER ZIVHOFMIER: kayn* kha'zix* ZIVHOFMIER: i can kill u ez in 1v1 ZIVHOFMIER: if u don't ult at least ZIVHOFMIER: cus u r ZIVHOFMIER: ur right about one thing ZIVHOFMIER: though ZIVHOFMIER: this yas is garbage ZIVHOFMIER: idgaf ur teemo ZIVHOFMIER: ? ZIVHOFMIER: what? ZIVHOFMIER: blame it all on me ZIVHOFMIER: blame it on the 22 kills kayn ZIVHOFMIER: and? ZIVHOFMIER: ur saying it liek it's a bad thing ZIVHOFMIER: "no reason" ZIVHOFMIER: mb ZIVHOFMIER: i think if we group up mid we can push and win ZIVHOFMIER: kog ZIVHOFMIER: stop gettin caught ZIVHOFMIER: that stun ZIVHOFMIER: NO YOU 2 STOP ZIVHOFMIER: YOU 2 STOP ZIVHOFMIER: FLAMING ME ZIVHOFMIER: WHEN U 2 ZIVHOFMIER: ARE ZIVHOFMIER: DESERVED ZIVHOFMIER: OF BEING FLAMED ZIVHOFMIER: TTO SHIT ZIVHOFMIER: KOG DO U KNOW HOW MANY TIMES U GOT CUAHGT OUT BOT ZIVHOFMIER: YAS COMPARE UR SCORE TO MINE ZIVHOFMIER: U TOO KOG ZIVHOFMIER: UR AN ADC ZIVHOFMIER: NOT A SUOP ZIVHOFMIER: START ZIVHOFMIER: ACTING LIEK ONE ZIVHOFMIER: U RUN INTO THEIR SIDE OF THE MAP ZIVHOFMIER: ALONE ZIVHOFMIER: WITHOUT VISION ZIVHOFMIER: AND THEN SAY ZIVHOFMIER: "WHY KAYN' ZIVHOFMIER: U RUN BLINDLY ZIVHOFMIER: IN THIS SIDE OF THE MAP ZIVHOFMIER: LIKE A CHICKEN WITHOUT A HEAD ZIVHOFMIER: SHE CAN'T ZIVHOFMIER: HOW ZIVHOFMIER: SHE'S A SUP ZIVHOFMIER: if kkog was doign shit he coudl have ZIVHOFMIER: irelia is such a stu[pid champ ZIVHOFMIER: go ZIVHOFMIER: god irelia is such an annoying champ ZIVHOFMIER: ok i'm muting you you're so fucking annoying
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