Why Do Intentional Feeders Deserve Riot's Protection?

We've all had games where some player--perhaps drunk, high, or simply toxic--decides to purposely let the enemy kill him over and over and ruins the game for his entire team. The actual result of a video game is obviously pretty inconsequential, but we invest almost 30+ minutes in each game we play. We all want that significant time investment to be as enjoyable as possible and allow us to unwind. Then comes along a player who decides--for his own amusement--he's going to waste those 30+ minutes of your life by making sure your entire team falls so behind that the game becomes unwinnable and completely uncompetitive. We can do nothing but sit idly by for these 30+ minutes, unable to engage in any team fights without instantly dying. We can't leave the game to start a new one. We can't go AFK or Riot will issue an account penalty. No, we have to actively move our player around for 30+ minutes in an unwinnable, uncompetitive game. So many of us, very reasonably irritated with this troll, want to criticize this player for his completely selfish and inappropriate behavior. Maybe, if we're persistent enough, there's a chance we can convince him/her to stop trolling if they're just high or drunk. But even if it's clear there's no convincing the person to stop their toxic behavior (although there is never 100% certainty, no matter how unlikely), at least we can blow off some steam at the person deliberately causing us irritation. But no, if we make more than one negative comment toward this player, Riot had deemed us "contributors toward a toxic environment". Our comments toward this player are viewed as "harassment." As a result, we--the victim--are hit with a chat ban penalty and honor level reset. Three months of work toward boosting our honor level, and it's all erased because we had the audacity to criticize perhaps the most toxic type of player that can be found in League of Legends. Let's be perfectly honest here. The claim that criticizing this intentional feeder make us "contributors toward a toxic environment" is for the benefit of one person only: the intentional feeder. The entire team is harmed by this players behavior and nobody believes it is in any way justifiable. This player DESERVES to be criticized. Even if a report after the game results in an account suspension (which it sadly almost never does), how does that help the team that was forced to put up with this player DURING the game? Sure, a report after the game leading to an account suspension can prevent the player from doing this to future teammates, but the team he intentionally fed on are forced to endure this player's behavior for 30+ minutes without even having the ability to criticize him for it (lest they receive a ban themselves). Perhaps League can develop some sort of system that identifies intentional feeding in games in real time (like LeaverBuster) and allows a surrender vote to be made without the player intentionally feeding. But until that point, Riot should aspire to minimize the irritation the victims in games such as these are forced to go through. So why not let us criticize a player behaving with pure malice and toxicity? I can understand a no-tolerance policy for comments made toward this player that surpass a certain threshold (physical threats, racist remarks, ill-wishes). But why should a comment toward this player such as "I'll report you" or "You're a toxic player" be grounds for an account penalty erasing 3 months of progress in honor level? Why SHOULDN'T we be allowed to repeat such relatively innocuous comments multiple times to blow off steam in a situation where we are a clear victim forced to endure 30+ minutes of deliberate toxicity and unenjoyable gameplay? The knowledge that we have no choice but to continue such a game AND can't even say anything to the guy responsible for it makes the situation so much more distressful. Who are you trying to protect, Riot?
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