i'ts not rewards something that someone has been working hard on a whole year to get.

LIke, someone has been playing hundreds and hundreds of games to get gold 5, and then got one chat restriction and lose every thing he worked on? seriously? 3 games ? 2 hours of a bad behaviour, and u lose 300 days of playing xD?? To be honest, chat restriction should be just a warning, not a punishment. Also, toxicity shouldn't be a bannable thing, u have the mute buton, also, very often the toxic players are the only good ones in the team and are trying to win the game (Like me) while the other lanes are all losing, and not even trying, u cannot fix a player who is inting and trolling, there isn't a button for that. Last thing, i dont care about the season rewards, i really don't like the skins of the borders lmao,i'm just talking for the people who got punished because of only 3 games of bad behaviour, while trollers and inters (bad players who feed 90% of their games )have thousands of games and still not punished
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