Not understand how this is a fair ban

I got a chat ban and a drop in my honor for this but I dont understand how what I did wasnt understandable based on the responses the team gave me. I only have my chat but the entire time I was playing two of my teammates were constantly flaming me when I was doing bad. I didn't start an argument with him at any point nor did i insult him. He called me r%%%%%%%%%% one point. I will say I called him a dick for doing this. Is there a way I can get this reversed or re-reviewed and with the chats from the other teammates I find this completely unfair but if there is a manual review or someone I could talk to to better understand or something it would greatly appreciated. If the rest of the chat log is needed I mean I think I can get if off of recordings but I dont know. As far as I know I've never been reported before and the times I might have been (though perhaps they were ignored as this is the only ban I have ever received baring when I left a que) so for a drop and a chat ban to happen off of one report I feel is unjust. Game 1 In-Game Maximus20mil: chill man XD Maximus20mil: im adc Maximus20mil: why r u farming Maximus20mil: oh my b then nm Maximus20mil: ? Maximus20mil: its more useful late Maximus20mil: bru rip XD Maximus20mil: we need a gank this blitz is killin me Maximus20mil: lux please Maximus20mil: and I need farm to be usful Maximus20mil: XD Maximus20mil: yah cuz i keep dying Maximus20mil: taking my cs doesnt help Maximus20mil: boi that literally doesnt do anything Maximus20mil: u have 1 cs but you keep attacking minoins Maximus20mil: i .... Maximus20mil: im not having this convo Maximus20mil: report lux for just being annoying Maximus20mil: no Maximus20mil: shes just salty for some random reason Maximus20mil: thank u Maximus20mil: omg lux calm down for 5 second Maximus20mil: be usful for 5 seconds Maximus20mil: my god im not havign this convo Maximus20mil: this is rediculas Maximus20mil: get muted kid Maximus20mil: someone tell him when hes less salty and just a pain ill come back bot Maximus20mil: im not dealing with the 5th salty lux my god Maximus20mil: please report me and lux Maximus20mil: me for leaving lane beacuse im annoyed with lux Maximus20mil: and lux for being a toxic asshole Maximus20mil: it normally works fine Maximus20mil: when your team mate isnt just general wasting my time making me type every 5 second Maximus20mil: sigh to the rest of the team I applogize normaly I dont get tilted this easily but damn just annoyed every lux is like this Maximus20mil: no my general salt is also and being outplayed by blitz is also making me slaty Maximus20mil: and making me lose Maximus20mil: i know when im losing from me and from other things Maximus20mil: what? Maximus20mil: wont lie turret raneg is funkey Maximus20mil: i see em Maximus20mil: it helps late game Maximus20mil: gives me ability to actually get into fights and team fights Maximus20mil: dont really have movement Maximus20mil: sad i flashed too late Maximus20mil: naw we can do this ez Maximus20mil: we all scale super hard Maximus20mil: especially me and lux Maximus20mil: sorry fam i had no mana XD Maximus20mil: lol bro chill Maximus20mil: XD Maximus20mil: its not like your killing it yourself Maximus20mil: 8/6/5 Maximus20mil: naw Maximus20mil: its an opinion Maximus20mil: we can 1v1 if u want Maximus20mil: best? best? Maximus20mil: best what? Maximus20mil: need to finish that sentence Maximus20mil: lol Maximus20mil: lol yah Maximus20mil: lmao im not Maximus20mil: your throwing shade Maximus20mil: and im laying down some facts Maximus20mil: ur not exactly a god my dude Maximus20mil: nor are you killl it Maximus20mil: i never said i was a god Maximus20mil: nor did i deny i was doing poor this game Maximus20mil: lmao Maximus20mil: boi Maximus20mil: u dont even know what that means XD Maximus20mil: I know beacuse your facts being rediculas Maximus20mil: XD Maximus20mil: XD Maximus20mil: boi come back to me when you have something usful to say Maximus20mil: until then bugger off Maximus20mil: lmao r u happy ur not doing anything XD Maximus20mil: oh he moves Maximus20mil: XD Maximus20mil: r u happy ur a bad jg XD Maximus20mil: i dont really care what u think honestly your being a dick for no reason Maximus20mil: XD Maximus20mil: dont even come at me like that Maximus20mil: you literally start throwing shade Maximus20mil: your being a dick for no real reason Maximus20mil: not my fault u cant handle it Maximus20mil: anyway im wasting time get muted Maximus20mil: he realises hes muted right? like hes stopped moving so i know hes talking XD Maximus20mil: please report me, lux, and graves Maximus20mil: for being salty af and generally not playing like a team should XD Maximus20mil: only nice poeple on this team are ryze and fizz XD Maximus20mil: xd GG Maximus20mil: please report me, graves and lux kk? Post-Game Maximus20mil: lmao Maximus20mil: please report them Maximus20mil: i muted both of them Maximus20mil: their just dicks Maximus20mil: im bouta clap both of em in 1v1s Gg all Edit: I missed where I said asshole so I will take that L in terms of having said a proper cuss.
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