14 Day Suspension for THIS..!?

Blitzcrank bot said this is why I was given a 14-day suspension: In-Game: ÐAÐÐY: lol bad blitz is bax ÐAÐÐY: report blitz ÐAÐÐY: reported ÐAÐÐY: report akali ÐAÐÐY: toxic ac ÐAÐÐY: hate speech ÐAÐÐY: nope ÐAÐÐY: 5 health ÐAÐÐY: hit a hook I was being flamed and pinged by a premade on my team. I made a comment to the blitz after he kept pinging me and flaming me for not following up with his missed hooks. Then Akali started getting on me and I asked the enemy team to report for being toxic and saying some choice words. I said "5 health" after somehow living with 5 health after a fight. Blitz continued flaming me and pinging me so I told him to "hit a hook." Does this REALLY constitute a FULL FOURTEEN DAY SUSPENSION!!!??? [img]https://i.imgur.com/ZaL3sEI.jpg[/img]
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