I've come to terms with Riot's URF verdict

When talking about whether or not to bring back regular draft URF, Riot came out with numbers showing that URF actually causes players to play less or completely stop playing League for a period of time. While I thought that was crazy considering the silliness and fun of the game mode, I can say that after the last two weeks of URF that I can completely understand how that happens. To be clear, I do not play URF to win games. I could care less about victories, I play for the silliness of the mechanics and crafting fun combos with friends to make the game mode fun. And while I was able to do that with silly things like Yuumi, Yummi/Mundo combo, Rumble ultimate spam and more, in the end having to consistently play against frustrating things (mostly assassins) made the experience pretty terrible and would consistently just make me get off of League entirely in favor of other activities. So I guess I'll just stick to solo queue from now on. In the end, I'm thankful to Riot for giving us this experience one last time, even if it didn't quite live up to my memories of the original mode. Happy ten-year anniversary League of Legends, I'm looking forward to what comes in the next decade!
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