Literally my teammate ran it down mid until she realized I was fed and we won

This Morgana got tilted at Jinx and ran it down mid until she realized I am fed and we can win the game.[\img] How am I supposed to rank up when these kind of people are in every game? Oh they have a 1 CS lead? "GGWP, report Jinx troll." Ah ffs this mentality! She says she ran it 7 times but it was even more. No normal sane person dies 15 times not on purpose. The fact that she admits what she have done even tilt me more. And oh btw, also my other teammates Zac and Mord followed her lead and engaged on the enemy for no reason because they wanted to throw and open mid. Holy \*\*\*\*, they did open mid but once they realized I was fed, they stopped trolling and regrouped around me and then we fed Jinx and she carried the rest of the game.[\img]
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