So I'm serving a 2 week suspension for intentionally feeding and I just won a game 5/24 Twitch. I started amplifying tome. I was assigned bot, but I started the game in the jungle 1v5ing the enemy team, who eventually got me. I died. Then I died again. Then I was still level 1 started E, on twitch, so only have damage (Scaling with AP believe it or not!) when I generate venom stacks on the target. But the enemy jungler was a nunu. But I wanted to harass him more. and maybe slow him down so we could shut him down yea. that. we wanted to keep the game balanced, so I stayed behind, with a negatve kda all game, and just chased nunu around the map. I really wanted to chase nami around the map, but, well, she's nami. reason for this is because she banned my neeko in champ select and that was why I was playing twitch in the first place. THE POINT OF ALL OF THIS IS I WENT 5/24/11 KDA and did not get banned. But my 1/25 veigar match, just as bad, resulted in a ban. Why because teammates reported me and it looked like an int so the automated banhammer hit me with it and I got 2 week banned for it. but.... this gameplay, like I said, is just as bad as that gameplay. difference is we won that's it oh and I got all 4 honors this time, rather than the 2/4 honors I got after playing the game that got me banned for 2 weeks that's right. I got the most honor this time and I got the most honor last time and yet I got banned for intentionally feeding. you'd think no one would honor a player who was intentionally feeding. oh but... I got all that honor both times. what is this? Somebody help me understand how this game works and why it's okay for RIot to ban people, PERMANENTLY, "just because" Because seriously twitch isn't banned. I just went 5/24 why am I not banned for int? hypocrites. why? ????????????????????????? inquiring minds want to know (quit banning people) (it's not okay that you take our money, then ban our accounts forever) (for no reason) (?????ohh? you're arguing this point? see that twitch kda? yea, stfu)
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