14-Day Suspension, Unwarranted

So my account just got the 14-day hitstick, and I wholly feel it is unwarranted. I've been reported in some games, nothing too serious. My last game, I took Riven jungle, and my top laner raged because apparently he wanted top lane Riven, claiming to be a Riven main. He is not a Riven main, and just intended to troll from champion select. So, he picked Jhin top and, to start off the game, he immediately called me: "cun t" "bit ch" And later calling me things like "cocksucking bitch," etc. As soon as he hit level 6, he immediately left top lane and followed me around the jungle and map, using Jhin's last/crit strike to last hit monsters---for the remainder of the game. Anywhere I went, he went, and he completely opened top lane to Nasus. So I asked for everyone to report him, and I reported him for griefing, hate speech, and intentionally feeding---which he also did. A few minutes later, I received the instant feedback notification: My account was suspended for 14 days. Check the logs for this match please. I used no profanity whatsoever; I think at one point I may have commented "trash Jhin" because of what he was doing. If that's punishable in the face of a player trolling you and harassing you and using profanity/hate speech against you, then this system is completely off-base.
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