After playing actively as a Jungler for 3 Days

The reason: I love Kayn and I want to achieve Mastery Level 7 with him, but lane Kayn is too weak so I decided to play him as a Jungler. The first day: everything was good and I had pretty good Games Second day: things started getting a bit harsh, so I had to take breaks and play a little at mid 3rd Day(Today): 4 Games: 1st: Mid and Top are completely blind and don't help me even If I ping and fight for like 1-2 minutes in the same place... 2nd: Same story, different Characters... 3rd: I fight to contest the Scuttle Crab, enemy jungler is there we intensely look at each other for 1-2 minutes doing nothing, Kayn starts hitting Scuttle and fightning the enemy jungler, enemy bot comes, my support comes and dies because the platinium adc(If you read this, f**k you!) is too busy farming and support and Kayn, they both die, enemy takes Scuttle Crab... Kayn ganks bot: adc once again farming and decides not to help 4th gank attempt: adc is still not in the mood to help us the mortals So the conclusion I've made for myself is this: **Your team will always want you to help them and they will insult you If you do something wrong, when you want help from them they will not pay attention and will farm, while you die 3v1... If you do the same thing you are considered as a Trashcan monkey that can't play the game...** Stop blaming your jungler ffs they are not some kind of Gods that can magically destroy your opponent without your help especially If you gave the enemy laner 5-6 kills...
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