Riot: What are you doing to fix the toxicity in the DNA of the player base?

I am genuinely curious who is thinking outside the box over at Riot to fix this game's community. I play so many multiplayer games. Overwatch. Dota 2. You name it. **League stands alone**, not even in the same universe, when it comes to player behavior and how the game draws out the worst in humanity. It's clearly something encouraged by Riot, either implicitly or explicitly. Dota 2, a similar game, has nowhere near the same levels of toxicity. We know that temporary restrictions and even perma bans don't work. We also know that "honor rewards" are a huge joke that no one cares about. What are the other carrots and sticks? We are at the point where people are being punished for defending themselves against cyber bullying (perhaps too vehemently and sinking to a level that they shouldn't.) We need a complete lobotomy of the game's player culture.
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