Genuinely curious here

Game 1 Pre-Game Elitezealot2797: i mean theres no reason it wouldnt In-Game Elitezealot2797: i see someone else wanted to check the buffs dar Elitezealot2797: f is just ignite. i dont have a target dummy Elitezealot2797: okay. but i put my fucking cursor on you riot Elitezealot2797: well dar is fed now Elitezealot2797: well gg Elitezealot2797: no point Elitezealot2797: he just gets a double Elitezealot2797: i proc'd 6 vitals ignited. got 5 autos still didnt die Elitezealot2797: and kayn has 0 pressure top side so he can do whatever tf he wants Elitezealot2797: i cant even farm ffs Elitezealot2797: im done Elitezealot2797: he stits top Elitezealot2797: kayn is doing nothing Elitezealot2797: 4 minutes ago Elitezealot2797: kha is literally going to win them by feeding dar Elitezealot2797: IM NOT Elitezealot2797: you are actually mentally ill arent you Elitezealot2797: im totally pushing up thats how my towers at 1/4 Elitezealot2797: and i havent touched his once Elitezealot2797: see Elitezealot2797: you werent even fucking there kayn Elitezealot2797: you got solo'd by kha Elitezealot2797: no. kha ganking lost and your inablity to do anything with it Elitezealot2797: kha ganked 5 times Elitezealot2797: by being under tower? Elitezealot2797: kayns at his blue btw Elitezealot2797: just chillin Elitezealot2797: dude. i got the first kill in lane. kha campeed me like no fucking other. and you got nothing Elitezealot2797: just face it Elitezealot2797: you suck at jgling bud Elitezealot2797: i was under twoer... entire laning phase... Elitezealot2797: you can watch a replay and see that i was in fact under tower Elitezealot2797: but you go ahead and think you know everything Elitezealot2797: and then luc just stands and farms. what a team i tells ya Elitezealot2797: i honestly dont get people that say oh dont push up htne. like i clearly have done literally no damage to his tower. how tf am i pushing all lane and not doing any tower damage Elitezealot2797: seems legit Elitezealot2797: i havent done anything bannable so Elitezealot2797: meh Elitezealot2797: go ahead Elitezealot2797: no thatd be you my friend Elitezealot2797: no i didnt? Elitezealot2797: i asked you to gank Elitezealot2797: you didnt Elitezealot2797: i called you out for trolling Elitezealot2797: trolling for refusing to help in a team game Elitezealot2797: LUL Post-Game Elitezealot2797: still did more damage than your ass Elitezealot2797: omegalul Elitezealot2797: and itll do literally nothing Elitezealot2797: congrats on wasting your time sorry for the formatting but i am NOT going to spend the next 10 minutes cleaning that mess up. however. how in the living hell is that ONE game a 14 day account ban? not chat restriction. ACCOUNT BAN. I'm actually genuinely fucking curious. I am only seeing this one game as reason and can only see the text for this so if there are other games I am not seeing them. and this is just ridiculous at this point.
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