A more Permanent solution

I just finished a game with a guy literally bragging about how many times he's been banned, made a new account and came back. The second time i've met a player like this this week. may have been same one, not even sure. But both were bragging about their ban's like they were badges of honor, throwing around racist slurs from the get go of the game, mocking new players, trolling, feeding, etc. in general, bad behavior to the extreme, all cause they think there's nothing that'll be done about it. account ban's are stopping this players, if anything they're happier if they do get more accounts banned. and they're making learning the game a struggle for new players as well. They openly flaunt their terrible behavior and racist attitudes, and the last one was bad mouthing the whole team and RIOT themselves cause "riot aren't ever gonna touch me, so i'm free to do as i ******** please you *******". can't we ban these people by IP addresses or something? as much as i hate that idea, these guys are wearing their account bans as badges of honor, so obviously that's not enough.
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