Being harassed and Riot Support isn't doing anything, what should I do?

Just copy and pasting from reddit. It was removed though from there and I'm not sure why Hey Reddit, it's gonna be a bit of a long story but let me explain it really quick. I'm going to leave names out of it so it's not a witchhunt or anything. So I've streamed for a while now and I played a game on my smurf and got trolled by somebody. I reported them post game, plugged my stream, and left. The player added me on League on what turned out to be 3 or 4 accounts and came to my stream. It was fine at first, I put up with his toxicity and general idiocy at first but eventually he started harassing other viewers so I banned him from my chat. He proceeded to start harassing me on the client and sending messages on these accounts I wasn't aware was his. I have some of them saved, but they weren't very nice and were quite annoying. Easy enough fix though, I blocked him. He also proceeded to make over 70 twitch accounts to keep visiting my stream and harassing me and other viewers. Now when I say he was harassing other viewers I mean it too. He was dm'ing them on twitch. He was rapid fire making new accounts to talk smack with. He even started adding people on the League client that he saw in my friends list and harassing them. This guy has messaged well over 10 to 15 of the people on my friendslist that he's seen on stream to harass them, and through them me. I submitted a ticket to Riot support on July 26th, and another one on the 29th. I've sent multiple updates as well. The issue is still not resolved. I've provided usernames on all the accounts he's been using. So I guess my question is what should I do now? How do I stop him from harassing me and other people? I've also submitted a ticket to twitch but no response from them either. Is this just not an issue to people? Any advice helps, thanks
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